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Default Advice on the Struggle of Interviews & Job Offers

I'm at a frustrating point in my career, if you can call it that. Alongside sporadic freelance work, I don't have a regular job and need something steady soon. I interviewed for a reporter job for local paper yesterday and am one of only two candidates being considered. He said it would be late next week when he decides. While I want something design/desktop related, I finally caved and applied for a bunch of kitchen jobs a few days ago and, sure enough, quickly got two interviews.

I just got out of the first kitchen interview (another is tomorrow), and in contrast to most desktop/design interviews where they drag their feet and take two or more weeks to decide, this guy wanted to know immediately if I'll take the job. Through a strained conversation, I ended up confessing that I interviewed yesterday and would like another week to decide. He questioned my interest and insisted that I sleep on it but decide tomorrow when he calls me. I left the interview angry at my situation: If I take the job, I could very well abandon it within a week or two for the newspaper. If I turn him down, fate will probably have me rejected from the reporter job, too, so I'll be screwed every which way.

I'm thinking of calling the newspaper editor tomorrow morning and explaining that, while I don't mean to play games or pressure him, I'd like to see if he has a strong idea of who he'd like to hire so I can dive in and devote myself to the role and not worry about anymore interview conflicts. He previously complimented my "confidence" in my writing skills in lieu of not having examples to offer, so given his mentality, does this sound reasonable, or could this backfire? I do have some small writing samples I could provide him that could supplement this call, as my writing skills are the one criteria making him unsure of me.
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