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Default Any HTML5 gurus here these days?

My office has only recently finished converting our 75,000 or so pages to HTML5. Obviously, we aren't going back too all of those pages to change <div> tags to new HTML5 tags, but we do have some questions as all four of us are teaching each other HTML5.

2 questions, 1 specific and 1 general.

Specific: On https://www.fhwa.dot.gov/hep/hep_res...ns/fs_pder.cfm

I used three <section> tags. (We haven't implemented <main> yet; that will be Question 2).

The first <section> tag is for the formatted box at the top of the page. We didn't use the new <aside> tag because this is not content related but not specific to the flow; it's a summary of what the page is. So, I used <section>

The trouble is, <section> throws a warning when validating on W3C if there isn't a heading tag. I can't add a heading or it won't match the PDF and print version. So to get it to validate, I used one of our styles that hides content from all but text screen readers. So, was that a cheat or a valid use of CSS?

General Second question, and this one my primary Federal contact and I are currently wrangling over this as we learn the correct usage of <main> and <section>. (FYI, we can implement a lot of this in minutes since our pages are all includes and the content.)

The current template has a #div wrapper around everything between the header and footer. The actual content is wrapped in either #contents or #pagecontent.

When we push accelerate on HTML5, my Fed's thought is to replace #wrapper with #main and replace contents/pagecontent with <section>.

I don't think that's right; I think #wrapper is fine to stay in a <div> and contents/pagecontent would become <main>.

Looking forward to content if there are any HTML5 gurus here, but if you're still learning it like me, please don't confuse me with opinions. I need a guru for this.

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