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Default Quick Launch bar fun...'-}}

As I'm sure most people know, Windows 7 does not have the Quick Launch bar active by default. I've gotten along for years without it but today, I decided that I'd like to have it. One reason is that I have mulitple versions of Firefox installed (one old (regular) version and 2 relatively recent portable versions) and I've changed the standard desktop shortcut icon for each so that I can tell the difference with a quick glance but when you pin the shortcuts to the taskbar, the standard icon is what is used rather than the one I've chosen.

I knew that the Quick Launch bar could be established in Windows 7 because I'd set it up for my sister on her systems but I couldn't remember exactly how to do it. I did quick browser search and found the instructions and followed them (I think) correctly but, all of a sudden none of the stuff I'd pinned to the taskbar would open which was really annoying--it's also kind of funny because until a short time ago, I never could understand why my sister (and others) pinned everything to the taskbar but now I like the approach so having it taken away was irritating.

I eventually fiddle my way to getting things to work as they should--pinned taskbar items would open and the Quicklaunch bar was established and working.

I have a couple of questions that I hope someone can help me with:

1. Could anyone running Windows 7 (Win 8/8.1 might be the same but I'm not sure) and not using QuickLaunch please take a look in the following location and tell me if there is a "Quick Launch" subfolder in the "Internet Explorer" folder: yourwindowsuserprofile\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer (Note: %userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\ is the default location for QuickLaunch)

2. If there is a "Quick Launch" subfolder, is there a "User Pinned" subfolder in the "Quick Launch" folder? The "User Pinned" folder should contain a "TaskBar" subfolder which lists all the items pinned to the taskbar.

Basically, after I finished fiddling around, I ended up with the "Internet Explorer" folder containing 2 subfolders--"Quick Launch" and "User Pinned"--rather than "User Pinned" being a subfolder of "Quick Launch". While, as I noted, things are working ok, I'm trying to figure out how things were set up prior to my mucking about...'-}}


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