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Default Printer's Apprentice's cool tool...

Whenever I get a new system, I have to spend quite a bit of (tedious) time getting my own fonts installed. When I got my current Win7/Pro/64bit system a few years ago, I discovered that Font Navigator would not work properly which sent me looking for a new font manager. I stumbled across Printer's Apprentice which has worked quite nicely.

When I got my new system, I installed Printer's Apprentice but I still ended up with the tedious process of rolling my chair back and forth between my current system and the new system (my new system is on a work table behind me) so I could check which specific fonts out of the many, many I have (yes...I'm a fontaholic...'-}}) are actively installed. I do have all my fonts saved in one master font folder with multiple subfolders (generally identifying the origin of the fonts).

After completing my marathon of between-desks-rolling, it occurred to me that it would be quite nifty if I could somehow organize all the fonts I actively use into one master folder so I wouldn't have to keep going back and forth to check my existing system. What I wanted to do was to copy only my own user-installed the fonts from the set of all installed fonts--I didn't want the Windows installed fonts.

What's very exciting is that Printer's Apprentice has that very tool sitting smack dab on their main screen and, even better, the "Font File" column on Installed Fonts tab displays where the font resides--my user-installed fonts are shortcuts in the Windows Font folder and reside in their original folder location--so it was just a matter of looking for my own font folders to find my user-installed fonts. All I need to do was to highlight my own fonts, click on Printer's Apprentice's "Copy Fonts" tool to copy my installed fonts to a new "installed fonts master folder"--I created 2 subfolders, one for postscript/open type fonts and one for TTF's. What was even better is that when I copied a postscript font, Printer's Apprentice copied all the associated sub-files.

I think it's pretty slick!

I wish I'd thought of it before I had installed my fonts on the new system...'-}}

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