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Default Pale Moon 25 = not recommended...

I've been very pleased with the Pale Moon browser (thanks Andrew!) because it basically has kept the good stuff from Firefox and while I am always reluctant to update software that is working well, I've generally chosen to update Pale Moon when prompted. Unfortunately, the current version--25--is not a version I'd recommend in that it's mucked up any number of things like the add-ons (from Firefox generally).

One of the most irritating changes has been to the way about:blank is handled. With 25, instead of getting the nice, normal, white background, empty screen, after updating I was greeted with a tan background (probably picked up from my Windows color settings) with the Pale Moon logo. I don't know if I'd been as irritated if the background color had been white but in any case it was driving me nuts. After much too-ing and fro-ing I discovered a work around (Tools > Options > General tab > Startup section > choose "show my home page" (in the "When Pale Moon starts" sub-section) and in "Home Page" sub-section type in "about:blank" (no quotes); also via about:config, I changed "browser.newtab.url" from "about:logopage" to "about:blank" (no quotes on either)) which restored my normal blank white page.

I'm still investigating the problems with various add-ons particularly the issues with AdBlock Plus which appears to be working properly but there is no ABP icon displayed in the status bar, no option in the Tools menu or via right-click so it's more difficult to block things--ABP is still listed via Tools > Add-ons. The powers that be at Pale Moon have a kluged ABP which supposedly works, displays the status bar icon, etc. but I've not tried it yet.

I'm considering going back to version 24.7.2 (last version before 25) which can be found at a couple of places--PMftp or at Neowin (much quicker download than the ftp but I've not tested it)--but that would entail uninstalling the software and I haven't gotten there yet--I did read that someone did this, was allowed by the uninstall process to save the settings and he installed 24.7.2 which used his saved settings and everything is back to normal.

I've always been very reluctant to update software that's working and I usually do a bit of research before taking the plunge but I was lulled by Pale Moon's previous updates so I guess it's my fault...'-}}

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