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Default Outgoing server annoyances...

Yesterday (Saturday Sept. 6th) when the forum was down, Ann had sent an email heads-up about it to my two primary email accounts. I did a reply-all from my compuserve email account (via Eudora) which Ann received. A short time later I realized that I'd not received my reply at my other email account (retrieved in Thunderbird). I checked the webportal for the account thinking that perhaps the reply had been flagged as spam but there was nothing in the spam folder.

I kept a lookout for the rest of the day and sent a couple of test emails to the account via Eudora from my compuserve account with nothing appearing in my inbox for the account--all my other email was coming through to both my compuserve account in Eudora and the other email account in Thunderbird so I couldn't figure out what the issue was and I didn't think it was a Verizon problem--Verizon is my broadband provider.

I had a chance to do some playing today and I've finally figured out that it's fallout from DMARC update/policy change/implementation.

Basically, I'd always been told that in sending out email, you had to use your ISP/broadband provider's outgoing server--in my case smtp.verizon.net--for all my email accounts (via Thunderbird and/or Eudora). What I discovered today--thanks to a line from aol when looking at the full headers in my test emails--is that you'd better use the outgoing server that matches the email account.

So, for my mail.com account, when sending mail from any email software (Thunderbird and/or Eudora in my case), the outgoing server better be stmp.mail.com or my email to my mail.com account either doesn't get delivered or it's delivered many, many, many (as much as 24 hours) later rather than virtually instantaneously. At this point, I've changed my outgoing server for my mail.com account in both Thunderbird and Eudora to stmp.mail.com--I didn't realize I could have multiple smtp's in either Tbird or Eudora.

I haven't change my compuserve account outgoing server yet--I'm still running a couple of tests--but I think in the end, I probably will change the outgoing server name although according to the aol webportal help the incoming server name should be pop.compuserve.com but I have pop.csi.com set and it works just fine so I'm not sure if the outgoing server should be smtp.csi.com or smtp.compuserve.com.

I suspect that mail.com has just recently implemented the new DMARC policy because prior to yesterday (Saturday) I had no problem with using the Verizon outgoing server name with any of my email accounts. I also suspect that this approach will become more common.

Has anyone else run into this?


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