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Default Windows 7 & bluetooth oddities

My sister mentioned to me that one of her clients wanted to get new system for my sister to use--she works at her client's home--and that a laptop would be better than a new desktop system. I'd just received an email from MicroCenter about a laptop sale they were having and there was a decently spec'd and priced HP laptop on sale with a few open box ones at an additional $40-$50 off the sale price so we went to take a look at it and bought one--HP ProBook 450G1, 15.6", i5cpu, 8gb RAM, 750gb harddrive, cd/dvd burner, etc. for $536 (regularly $699).

I've spent the last few days cleaning up crapware--not too much other than a fair amount of HP stuff no one would probably use--installing the software my sister uses, installing Avast (free) antivirus, ZoneAlarm (free, older version) and tweaking it here and there. I've always recommended Dell laptops in the past but I'm impressed with this HP--it's the 2nd HP laptop I've tweaked--and when my sister up in ME gets ready to replace her old Dell XP system, I'm going to suggest that we give HP a serious look.

I finally finished getting it all set up yesterday and as I was finishing up showing my sister, we ran into an odd problem. "Devices and Printers" basically just sits there doing some sort of loading in the location/breadcrumb display for 10-15 minutes and if you interrupt it, no devices/printers are in the list--there are 2 printers installed, one at the client's home and one at my sister's place. I thought it might have to do with the fact that both printers are used wirelessly but it was really weird because clicking on the Start button and then Printers had no problem displaying the installed printers. Given the fact, that my sister probably doesn't use Devices and Printers all that much and that I found a workaround by creating a desktop shortcut of Printers from Start (thanks to Classic Shell) we let it go. The one other annoyance was that while the usb icon displayed when a usb stick was inserted, clicking on the icon did not display the eject option.

Today, being the anal person that I am, I decided to see if I could find out why Devices and Printers was thrashing itself to death. It didn't take me long to find a posting about the problem with a possible solution. Apparently if bluetooth service ("Bluetooth Support Service" accessed via Control Panel > Admin Tools > Services) is turned off--either set to "disabled" or "manual" --then Devices and Printers is unhappy.

I promptly went over to my sister's place, booted up the laptop, opened Services, changed the setting for bluetooth service from "manual" to "automatic" and started the service--I had turned it off because my sister doesn't use any Bluetooth devices. I then clicked on Devices and Printers and bingo! the immediate display of all devices including her printers. I then plugged in a usb stick, waited for the icon to display, clicked on the icon and bingo! the eject notice displayed.

I find it strange that Devices and Printers is so strongly linked to bluetooth service that if the service is not set to Automatic, Devices and Printers basically either won't display anything or takes 20 minutes to find the laptop as a device but no printers--again, could it be the fact that both her printers are being used wirelessly? I also find it strange that on my desktop system, I have set bluetooth service to "disabled" and my Devices and Printers displays just fine--both my printers are directly connected.

Anyone else have experience with this?


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