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Default Old webpages never die...'-}}

I was able to figure out what was causing the problem with the display of an image on one of my webpages....

Basically, it was the adblocker I was using turning on me. The filename for image that was missing from my webpage was "ad2.jpg" and the adblocker did its thing by blocking what it thought was an ad...'-}}

At a bit after midnight as I was reading the paper it suddenly struck me what the problem I was having with GoLive5 was.

When I opened GL5 in the afternoon, ZoneAlarm popped up an online access request from GL5. Reflex reaction was that this was a phone-home request so I denied it access so when I tried to connect to ftp, but I received an error message that no connection was allowed.


Once this realization hit my brain, I set ZoneAlarm to allow GL5 online access, opened GL5, tried the ftp connect and after entering my password--for some reason I must have turned off the "Save" (password) option GL5 when fiddling with things in the afternoon--and bingo! connection made, files showed up in the GL5's FTP window. I disconnected, changed the file name to remove the word "ad", made the change to the webpage code, did a Save, did the FTP connect, dragged the new image file to the appropriate FTP folder, dragged the html file to the appropriate FTP folder, opened a browser, loaded the page and...there was the missing page image...'-}}

I really should at least update the copyright date on all my pages--2008 was the last time I'd done that update--and plan to do that sometime this weekend...


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