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Default Need Advice: Handling Promotion Amongst Crazy Supervisor

During my recent evaluation, my boss (Marlon) suggested that I become graphics manager. As I’ve referenced in a previous thread, my manager (Tara) is manipulative and paranoid, taking everything personally and being biased by giving me difficult assignments and giving her immature husband (the other illustrator) the easier work while simultaneously downplaying my superior abilities. She manages two departments, is chronically late or absent, and often doesn’t get her 40 hours despite living just down the street (I have to drive 35 minutes).

Upper management is already considering hiring someone to manage the graphics dept. but I spoke with a separate manager today (who has more pull than Tara; we’ll call him Bob) about my boss's suggestion, expressed frustration with Tara’s leadership, and discussed my innovations as an illustrator. He validated many of my complaints and said that if I were to manage graphics, I won’t draw as much (which is disappointing) but that they would hire a third illustrator that I would train (I know the software better than anyone). He also said we will schedule a meeting with Marlon for me to pitch my management ideas.

During my meeting with Bob, Tara was nervously pacing around and asking my coworker about my conversation. After I emerged, Tara immediately asked if everything was okay, said that we should keep communication open, and that she'll try to do a better job with communicating. I said it was fine. Bob soon after told me that she spoke to him, too, and he kept his response vague. He then asked if I’d like us to sit with Tara and talk about my transition into training to become manager, and that if she refuses the idea, Bob and I will then talk with Marlon about it anyway. I wasn’t sure and he said we’ll decide tomorrow. In a few days, I go on vacation for a week, so I’ll have time to figure out our meeting with Marlon.

I’m wondering if Bob and I should talk with Tara or just skip her drama. Much of her management problems involve personal issues like her husband. But she also just can’t dedicate herself with managing two different depts., so a transition is inevitable. The talk with Tara would not go well and we’ll inevitably talk with Marlon anyway, so I’m having a tough time deciding. Would it be hypocritically unprofessional not to talk with her? I also hope she doesn’t ask to privately speak to me within the next two days; I would just keep it vague and tell her there’s nothing to worry about, but it is uncomfortable.

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