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Default Windows 7 & erratic mouse

I've had very annoying experiences in using a mouse with Windows 7. I outlined one of the issues in the "Windows 7 Oddity" thread but I was also having problems with the mouse periodically and unexpectedly moving itself, appearing to decide that I'd right-clicked when I hadn't and just generally acting erratically as though it had a mind of its own--a mind with very little intelligence.

While I was getting my system set up, I was using a small wireless Logitech notebook mouse with one of those new little dongles and I thought maybe it was the Logitech drivers so I removed them and just used the Win7 drivers which didn't resolve the problem. Browsing around online shows that problems with a mouse acting in an erratic fashion in Win7 is not the least bit uncommon but no one seems to have a solution although there were a couple of posts about moving the dongle closer to the mouse--one person bought a USB extension cable, plugged the Logitech notebook dongle into it putting the newly extended dongle on his desk.

I decided to just live with the issue until I swapped my systems--old system to the work table, new system to my desk--because I use a larger wireless Logitech mouse on my desk that has a dongle that sits on my desk and I'd had no problems with this mouse in WinXP. After the swap, I still had problems. I tried using the Logitech drivers for the larger mouse and that didn't help and I eventually uninstalled the Logitech drivers because the mouse seemed to work better using the Win7 drivers--normally, I prefer to use the manufacturer's driver for any device.

About a week ago, I decided to try moving the dongle that sits on my desk from the back edge of the desk further forward so that it sits between my monitor and my keyboard--effectively closer to the mouse itself. I don't want to jinx things but I really think this move has fixed the problem because I've not had one incident of the mouse acting as though I'd right clicked it when I hadn't and it's not suddenly and unexpectedly bouncing up to the top of the screen. I wished I'd moved the dongle weeks ago...'-}}

It would still be nice if I could figure out what the underlying issue is. I wonder if it's just a Logitech problem and have considered getting a wireless mouse made by someone else. I also wonder if it's Win7's built in tablet functions that are mucking things up although I've turned those off because I'd read that they interfere with using my Intuos drawing tablet.

At any rate, if you have a wireless mouse that periodically goes crazy, consider moving the dongle very close to the mouse and see if that might fix the problem...

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