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Default Win 7 & USB3?

Does anyone have any experience with problems between Win 7 and USB3?

From what I can gather, USB3 is not native to Win7 so you've got to use "external" drivers--installed by the build shop. With my new system I've experienced multiple spontaneous reboots which are disconcerting to say the least and incredibly annoying when you can't figure out the reason.

The first 3 happened the first day I set up my new system (Sat. 9/8)--the first reboot totally freaked me out--and for no other reason than a gut feeling, I decided it had something to do with the cabling of the USB3 hub on my PA248Q monitor--the new system mobo has USB3 ports--to the pc so on Sunday, I unplugged the USB3 cable from the monitor and no SRBs that day.

Monday (9/10), I plugged the USB3 cable from the monitor back in to the pc and had 1 SRB and I decided to change the Windows Update option to download but don't install updates because the SRB happened in the middle of Windows Update. On Tuesday (9/11) I had 1 SRB and decided to turn Windows Update off completely. Weds, Thurs and Friday were SRB free.

Today, I plugged in a Seagate 1TB external drive which uses USB3 and copying from the drive seemed to be ok but then I changed the drive letter and things got hinky and sort of hung so I rebooted with the drive still attached and the reboot didn't go forward as it normally does until I umplugged (electrical) the Seagate drive and pulled the USB3 plug. After it completed the reboot, I restarted again and it booted normally.

A couple of hours later, I had 2 SRBs--not back to back but separated by about 30-40minutes and Avira (free) was somehow mucked up and I tried a repair which I don't think worked correctly. Then I had another SRB. I then uninstalled Avira, restarted, ran Avira's clean-up tool, restarted, downloaded a fresh version of Avira Free, installed the new version and restarted again. Things seem to be ok but who knows...

I think it's the USB3 or a combo of USB3 and Win 7 Update (or perhaps Windows Defender which I've turned off completely). I've found a few forum references to this after browsing around online.

I'm going to touch base with the build shop but I thought I'd see if anyone has had any experience with this sort of thing...



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