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Default Anyone use VOIP?

I'm considering switching my phone service to VOIP specifically VOIPO because I've read good things about them and I have an email in to them with some questions. While I'm waiting to hear back, I thought I'd see if anyone here uses VOIP.

From what I can gather from browsing around the VOIPO site (and I suspect this is common across all VOIP providers), you are sent a VOIP adapter which you plug in to your router and plug your phone into the adapter and voila! phone service. Is this (essentially) correct?

Once I read that I got a bit confused because it seemed to me that you could then only hook up a phone near your router and that seemed very limiting to me until I realized that probably most people use cordless phones so it's only the base unit that needs to be near the router. That won't work for me because of the special phone I use which has a corded handset and it's in the living room hooked to my broadband connection (needs that for the captioning) via powerline networking--this particular CapTel phone requires an ethernet cabled connection.

I read in a forum somewhere that VOIPO does not support powerline networking--that's one of the questions I have asked them--and I've been trying to figure out how I can get this to work.

I was thinking that I'd get 2 VOIP adapters. One would be in my den hooked to my router and the phone in the den hooked to the adapter--this phone is a plain old telephone and I use it when making calls via the web-based Captel system (done via Sprints webcaptel system). This should be no problem I think.

The second VOIP adapter would be in the living room and this is where it gets complicated because I'm not sure how to do this and/or what sort of equipment I need. I was thinking an ethernet switch would do the trick but then I think no, I need to get a 2nd router?

Advice? Suggestions?


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