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Andrew B.
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Default X1

Well, I ended up not buying File Explorer Pro, because I got annoyed having to import search criteria every time I do content searches. http://www.desktoppublishingforum.co...ead.php?t=8220. But, I am going to use its free version (Agent Ransack) for some types of searches.

For routine searching I bought X1, which can trace its lineage back to Lotus Magellan. This was my bread and butter search tool when I had a job as an administrative analyst. It worked so well for me, all the coworkers in my unit bought copies. It was amazing how easily I could find things I needed, including things I was not even aware I should be looking for.

At first glance X1 seems annoyingly friendly. It is long on simplicity and short on power-user buttons and levers. But when I started test driving it at home recently, I was reminded of my experience at work, where it made life so easy. And now I'm back to using it almost daily. And I still have Agent Ransack or Windows Explorer (index off) I want to do a traditional type of search.

I just wonder, though, if their support has improved. Back in the day I sent them a complaint about how bad their service was. The CEO responded with a telephone call, assuring the problem would never happen again. That was pretty impressive. But I worked for a big place back then. I guess I'll just have to see how things go now.

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