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Default Windows 7 impressed me, at last

I've been having random shutdowns and blue screens on my laptop for a while, and uh-oh, last Thursday I got that dreaded "spang" noise when I booted it, and a kernel message warning me the HDD was failing, and asking would I like to make a system image. I thought it had to be worth a try, and although it took about 2 hours over the network, I managed to complete it and do a shutdown.

Having got a replacement HDD on Saturday, Pete fitted it for me and after some false starts, I restored the image using the recovery DVD - brilliant. We used to pay a small fortune for Ghost or Acronis Trueimage to do this sort of thing, and now it's built into the OS - how cool is that?

The only slight problem was NT permissions - the original image was on a NAS, but it wouldn't accept my credentials - I am not quite sure why, but we don't have a domain here and the dead PC wasn't yet in the workgroup, obviously. So I copied the image onto a USB external drive, and that worked perfectly.

Now, if only MS'd do a new release of the Outlook backup add-in that worked on 2010, that would be just great.

Toshiba warranty support was very much less impressive. I typed my serial no. into the page to start a warranty repair request and was told it was invalid. So I rang up instead - the first guy I spoke to tried to tell me the PC had probably been hacked and the message was a spoof. "Reinstall Windows, run it for a few days and see if the problem still occurs" - what a dope. Why would I sit there playing solitaire for a week just to tell him I told you so?

I got some screen shots of the message and the process list after another "spang" and reboot, and ready to do battle, rang the hotline again. The next guy was more sensible, and just said, "would you like to return it here or shall I send a replacement to you?"

So here I am - back in business. Fingers crossed the new HDD is better than the first, which started misbehaving occasionally after only 3 months. Toshiba's former reliability seems to have gone down the tubes - same old crummy quality as all other commodity PC manufacturers.
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