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Default Best 1-2-3 app installs after reinstall OSX?

OK, gang, this is your golden opportunity to tell me where to go and what to do, so to speak. <g>

After a host of problems from day one of my G5 tower I got back in October, I bit the bullet yesterday, reformatted the drive (I have two internals) that came from the factory with the OS installed, and just now finished reinstalling OSX and letting Software Update bring the machine current.

NOW...<big breath>...in what order do I install which software?

In the old days my tried and true procedure was to start with my font management utility (whichever one I was using at the time), then copy over my fonts from my backup drive/computer, then start with the apps. Apps would usually be in this order: Adobe (any/all), QuarkXPress, misc supporting apps (scanning plug-ins, Wacom tablet) and anything Microsoft. Last came any other utilities like anti-virus, Toast, other doodads I'm forgetting right now. I generally segregated web surfing and all email tasks to a separate computer, because in those days the fussiest, most petulant software I had was the online stuff and I did not want it pitching fits, taking my other apps and their documents along for the ride.

That was then, this is now. OSX is a whole new world and I have to know the wisdom and voodoo to live in its here and now.

With this virgin 10.3.9 OS all clean and shiny (I hope it's clean, installed without surprises and this disk is as OK as the hardware test says it is), what do I install first, second, third, yaddayadda and why that order, please, so it'll be easier for me to remember next time I have to go through this mess.

If I'm starting with a font utility, are most people now in favor of FontAgent Pro? I can upgrade any one of number of font mgt. apps (except my fave, Adobe Type Manager, of course), but if FontAgent Pro is really the current best of the bunch, I'll fork out for it happily.

I need to get this system up and running ASAP, so I anxiously await your sage advice!

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