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Default Oh those techie challenges...'-}}

A little background first...

As many of you know, I have a special captioned telephone called a CapTel. In November/December 2009, I decided I was going to get FiOS for broadband access and phone and because my old CapTel phone model wouldn't work with FiOS, I bought a fairly newly released CapTel phone--the 800i--which uses a broadband connection to supply the speech-to-text captions that appear on the CapTel screen. After the FiOS install everything seemed to be working well until I discovered that the 800i wasn't displaying and storing the CallerID info. CapTel was unable to fix the problem at that time so they sent me a separate CallerID box--rather a fancy-schmancy one at that--which I then placed here in my den and it was great to see who might be calling without having to run into the living where I have my 800i--since then, the CallerId problem on the 800i has been fixed but I still use the CallerID box in my den.

Got all that???

Today, for some bizarro reason, the little red light on CallerID box here in the den kept blinking indicating that someone had called but pressing the usual button to turn off the blinking didn't work. I tried unplugging the box and then plugging it in again and that still didn't turn off the little red blinking light which is right in my line of sight and was beginning to drive me nuts.

I checked my 800i in the living room and discovered that I had knocked the handset off the phone base probably when I retrieved a message off my phone answering machine while waiting for the AAA guy to come and replace the battery in my truck--fun day today! I thought ah-ha! that must be why the little red light on the CallerID box was blinking and isn't that clever!

That wasn't it...the little red light kept blinking and blinking and blinking and driving me nuts and then it hit me...

It must mean that there was a message waiting in my Verizon voicemail box which I have never, ever used in the almost 2 years I've had FiOS phone because I have a separate phone answering machine. The problem was, where, exactly, did I stash the instructions for accessing FiOS voicemail that the very nice FiOS installer had written out for me? It took a bit to find the instructions but I did finally find them and girding up my loins with lots and lots of bravery, I tackled setting up my voicemail. This was not a fun process.

Using voicemail menus is always a pita but combine that with my hearing loss, the lag in the speech-to-text conversion (the Communication Assistant isn't clairvoyant so s/he needs to wait until words are actually spoken to begin repeating what is being spoken so that the captions can appear on my 800i screen) and my lack of familiarity with voicemail (it's been eons since I've used a voicemail system) and it's just a real aggravation.

I was however, successful as I was able to I set my new passcode (took 4 tries, with 4 separate phone calls starting the process over again each time I called), recorded a greeting, declined to record a greeting for a busy signal and declined at least one other thing I can't remember but decided I'd never use and finally, I changed the number of rings for pickup to 5--my answering machine picks up in 3.

Fill out this matchbook cover and you, too, can become a techologist...'-}}

After doing all of this, I finally got around to retrieving the voicemail message that had started all this crapola. It was a message from Verizon telling me that my voicemail messages will only be kept for 30 days and then deleted.

Like I care...'-}}

I then began to wonder why the message had gone to voicemail rather than my answering machine recording the message. The only thing I can figure is that after I knocked the handset off the base, a call came in and got a busy signal which kicked the call over to voicemail which started the little red light on my CallerID box blinking and blinking and blinking and blinking...

Fill out this matchbook cover and you, too, can become a techologist...'-}}

Oh...and the little red light on my CallerID box is no longer blinking...'-}}

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