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Andrew B.
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Default Photoshop's new blurs

Photoshop CS2 includes some new blur filters. Here are some initial thoughts.

1. Surface Blur. This reminds me of using median with edge protection. Or maybe a median/Gaussian combination with edge protection. This could speed up work where you want to add some digital makeup to smooth a complexion. Or maybe do some general noise reduction. Then touch up with a mask to bring back some of the original. So this could be a time saver because it helps deal with the edges.

2. Shape Blur. This is a special effect blur tool that can create interesting blur patterns, especially when very simple shapes are used. The more complex shapes yield nothing that looks like the shapes they came from, and the results look pretty much the same.

At first I wondered why Adobe would even bother with special effect blurs. It seems out of place next to all the pro photo editing features. But if I mentally group the Shape Blur into the Distort group, it begins to fit for me.

3. Box Blur. I ran Box Blur at 28 pixels. Then I ran Shape Blur at 28 pixels using a box shape. Looks the same to me. Not sure what else to say.


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