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Default Torn Between Two Potential Jobs

Although I'm not 100% certain I'll be chosen for either one at this point, I'm torn between two graphic design-related jobs that I've recently interviewed for. And even though I may be rejected by one anyway, I thought I'd post about it on here.

I interviewed at a Learning Curve, local toy company, for a several-month internship which will begin in the fall and involves designing toy packaging, toy show setup, and possible photography. As a toy geek and creative person, I'd love to do it, and my likelihood of getting it seems very positive.

Last week, however, I interviewed for a temporary job with Pearson, a major international textbook publisher and producer of education materials. But the job ended up not being what I thought and simply involves creating multiple choice questions for online Flash-based quizes - mainly just tweaking coding with no creativity and no print production. The pros and cons of both jobs are as follows:

Pearson pros:
It's a high profile company and will probably look great on my resume despite not being creative or what I consider true graphic design. It's also high paying.

Pearson cons:
It doesn't quite fit the field I want to be in; the interviewers didn't even need to see my design portfolio since it's irrelevant to the position. I'll have to temporarily move (which is okay) and drive a half-hour or so to the job. I'm not entirely sure I'd be able to come back to my current job, should I not be able to get another design job while working at Pearson.

Learning Curve pros:
It would certainly be more in my favored field of creative production work
and would probably provide better experience for the kind of jobs I want in life. It's only ten minutes away from home and very close to where I currently work. My flexible schedule would allow switching back and forth between LC and my current job throughout the week.

Learning Curve cons:
It's not as major a company as Pearson. The pay will be somewhat less. It might not look as good on my resume, simply because of name recognition.

Pearson wants to hire very soon, while the LC internship won't start for several weeks. Both jobs will last until about March '11. I'm thinking if Pearson offers, I'll probably take it, but part of me wishes they don't and that I get the LC internship instead. The latter was originally supposed to start in July but delayed. I almost want to call and ask if they'd consider starting it sooner.
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