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Default Teeny bit of PHP?

I am pretty sure it is not in the cards for me to become a PHP whiz. Just trying to read the basics gives me a giant headache, and my eyes cross, and I find myself in despair for the future of the world.

But I could really use a little PHP, and wonder if there are cookbook scripts and easy instructions for adding just a little of it to a web site.

What I would like to do is have the nuts and bolts of pages (navigation menu, title, logo banner, links to other pages on the site, boilerplate) be drawn from a database so I would not have to update these things manually. I always forget or screw up something, and it just seems as if this is definitely more suited to computers than people.

But as I type out that little list, it occurs to me as if it might be a big deal. Can anyone with some PHP experience comment? (For those who don’t know, PHP is the basis for this and most other forum programs on the web.)

Has anyone used Sklar & Trachtenberg’s PHP Cookbook? I see a few headings in the TOC that might do some of what I want (for example: “Reading [Setting] Environment Variables” and “Reading [Setting] Configuration Variables”).

Another interesting-looking source is the PHP Cookbook web site (not related to the book above, so far as I can tell). In both cases, though, I understand so little that I doubt I could make much use of the information.

Or is this the sort of thing that a decent CMS takes care of? (Maybe I should go back to playing with Textpattern CMS …)

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