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Default PHP: filemtime with $_SERVER['PHP_SELF']

Originally, I was passing the file date stamp to a php included file using a variable, then I figured there had to be a way to do this, and after a bit of reading came up with the $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] variable which is supposed to return the currently executing script relative to the document root--which is what I'm trying to get the date for.

So I have the following code:

PHP Code:
$page_year date ("Y"filemtime($_SERVER['PHP_SELF']));
echo (
"   \n");
echo (
"        <div class=\"footer\">\n"); 
echo (
echo (
"<p class=\"note\">Copyright &copy; 1995-");
echo (
echo (
" Leslie Carl Seiler &amp; merseybeasts worldwide.  ");
echo (
"Some rights reserved."); 
echo (
"\n</p><p class=\"note\"><a href=\"about.php\">About merseybeasts.com</a>.</p>\n");
echo (
"<p class=\"note\">  [".$page_fulldate."]</p>\n"); 
echo (
"     </div>"); ?>

And get the following errors:

Warning: filemtime() [function.filemtime]: stat failed for /index.php in /home/beastadmin/domains/merseybeasts.com/public_html/phpincludes/footer.inc on line 2

Warning: filemtime() [function.filemtime]: stat failed for /index.php in /home/beastadmin/domains/merseybeasts.com/public_html/phpincludes/footer.inc on line 3

And the function seems to be returning Dec 31, 1969, which is obviously not correct. I have read up on the "stat failed" bit and it seems that this occurs either when the file whose filename is passed to filemtime does not exist or on 32-bit file systems where the file size of the file is greater than 2Gb. Both of which are not the case here. I suspect that it's not finding /index.php for some reason or another related to its location in the document root, but I don't know why it's having that problem.

[Apologies if this is a dupe. Sysop, feel free to delete.]

Last edited by CarlSeiler; 10-28-2009 at 03:11 AM. Reason: corrected/removed links for lurkers who may find this post later
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