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Default Stuffit for Mac

Okay, don't all faint at the same time. I bought a MacBook.

I inherited (literally) zillions (well, hundreds) of CDs and DVDs with job files created by a graphic designer friend who worked primarily on Mac. Because of the problems I've had copying her files to PC (possibly because of the forbidden characters in the filenames), I decided to just buy a minimal Mac.

I am now working for my friend's former employer, and often need to retrieve and revise old files. I'm spending way too much time re-creating files that might be on the old disks, so I figured I'd get the MacBook and use it to copy the files from the disks to an external drive (I'll probably buy a big-ass Seagate tomorrow -- I won't have to reformat it for Mac or anything like that, will I?).

I don't plan to buy much software for the MacBook-- I can't do DTP on a 13" inch screen! -- but I'll probably need a few utilities.

First thing I need is Stuffit. But I'm unclear as to whether I really need to pony up $40 or $50 bucks for the latest Mac version, of if one of the earlier versions (which I'm finding at much cheaper prices) will do. To clarify, I want to CREATE Stuffit files, not un-Stuff them, so the free expander isn't going to help.

The MacBook's OS is 10.5.6.

BTW, is it okay to just leave the MacBook plugged in all the time so the battery doesn't run down?

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