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Default Twitter twitter tweet tweet

Well. I'm getting a crash course in Twitter this week. I decided to try doing some Corvette Racing updates on Twitter for the 24 Hours of Le Mans. It's not easy! 140 characters is very stingy when you're trying to post something useful and/or engaging AND include the right search words so that the right people will spot your posts. Very challenging. Won't need to do any crossword puzzles to exercise my brain for awhile!

I had two "followers" on Twitter (both cat-related) when I started posting Corvette tidbits. Doesn't sound like many, but I now have 26 followers (after deleting the sexspammerweirdos some of whom are quite persistent). A couple of my followers have been quite enthusiastic and periodically recommend "following" me for Corvette Racing news in their tweets.

I have to keep in mind that of all the "twits" out there only a small percentage are motorsports fans, fewer are following this particular race, and a very, very small percentage of those are following the LM GT1 class. There are many tweets about the Audis, Peugeots and Aston Martins, and the LMP1 class in general but the Corvettes? Not so much. So I try to capture who I can by getting the words, "Le Mans" "24 Heures" and "Corvette Racing" into as many of my tweets as possible. Also there was already an existing "hash mark" search, #lemans, and I created one, #corvetteracing. There are various other possible search combos, but the ones that turn up the greatest numbers of results so far are "Le Mans" and #lemans.

An interesting exercise, still ongoing. I was kept quite busy during practice and qualifying; I can only imagine what it will be like trying to keep up during the race. Thank goodness I am only trying to post about the Corvettes ... trying to cover anything more would be biting off far more than I could chew for this first effort.

Am having one problem on my laptop that has stumped me so far. Will post separate thread.


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