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Default Do I really want this?

So... Firefox 3.5 has been released, and mozilla.org lists its (new) developer features.

A large number of those can be safely ignored, because they're either browser-specific extensions (and we don't write for specific browsers any more, do we?) or specific to HTML5 which is not even close to a standard yet (and we only write standards-compliant web pages, don't we?).

There is also greater support for CSS2.1 (catching up) and CSS3 features - the latter also not a standard yet, but much more stable than HTML5; and (using appropriate care), CSS3 features can be added to a page in such a way that without them the page functions normally, putting graceful degradation in practice. You don't have such a choice with HTML5: it's either HTML5 or it isn't so since it's far from being a standard yet, it's best avoided.

Extensions for XUL and add-on developers are fine - in theory that will enable better or more usable extensions being written.

One thing jumps out at me: support for downloadable fonts. The page explains how a designer can use the feature, but unfortunately gives no clue whether or not the user can turn it off for faster rendering and avoid pages being re-painted while they are reading. Of course, this is also best avoided: if users can turn it off you might as well not use it in the first place, and if they cannot turn it off, you risk annoying the users (unless there is little more than a headline on the page, which has other disadvantages).

But personally, I'm reluctant to even install Firefox 3.5 unless I can be sure I can turn off downloadable fonts, because I really, really don't want them! Does anyone know if this is possible?

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