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Steve Rindsberg
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Default Anybody using JMail? For Japanese?

One of my web hosts provides access to the JMail mail processing component (for use in ASP pages and the like)


It seems fairly flexible, I've used it a few times now for various things, but have run into a problem with a project I'm working on now. I've already come up with a couple workarounds, so there's no deadline/looming crisis, but for my own curiosity, I'm looking for a solution.

Basically, the question is "How do you pass Japanese text from a web form to the control and on to email w/o turning it into gibberish?"

I've done some searching on the web and seen the same question asked about JMail in several places; always the question, never an answer. Foo.

The JMail docs aren't much help; they have a habit of putting all of the examples in quotes, which confuses things rather badly when no quotes are called for, and they're quite lacking in anything beyond the simplest examples and leave a lot unwritten. FooTimesTwo.

The basic mechanics of the thing are:

User fills out form, clicks Send / 送信
Form passes data off to an ASP page that massages the data a bit, assembles it into a message and passes the message off to the control to send as email.

It may be partly a matter of my email client (Pegasus). I've tried sending from JMail in every reasonable encoding I can think of, but I'm sending as text. Perhaps I need to back up and send as HTML or Multipart with html. When I DO get readable Japanese in my email from other sources, that seems to be what it's sent as.

The fact that I really have no idea what I'm doing doesn't help much <g>

Steve Rindsberg
and stuff
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