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Gerry Kowarsky
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Default Avoiding Quotation Mark Conversion

I just received a press release from a friend in e-mail. I'm on a PC. She's on a Mac. Where I ought to see opening quotation marks, closing quotation marks, and apostrophes, I see superscripts of 3, 2, and 1 in that order.

I've seen these cross-platform conversions before. Does anyone know why these conversions take place and how to avoid them when pasting from a Mac word processing program into e-mail (which is what I assume my friend did)?

I'm tempted to give her the advice I was given years ago when I started submitting electronic copy to a newspaper. I was told never to use curly quotation marks. For opening quotes, they wanted two unspaced grave accents (``) for opening quotation marks and two unspaced straight apostrophes ('') for closing quotation marks. Does anyone recognize that practice as a convention, or was it just a quirk of that newspaper's software? I don't want to recommend something eccentic.
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