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Default New web host and some questions...

I signed up with United Hosting yesterday and my account was established in about 4 hours.

After a bit of confusion which was fairly well sorted out by UH's excellent support staff, I've uploaded my website files, I've gone to my domain registrar and changed the server names and I'm waiting for that to be propagated.

In the meantime I've got some questions...

1. What is domain locking? Apparently I can't lock my domain via my domain registrar and at present (and the entire time I've owned the domain) it's never been locked so I'm not sure what I'd gain by locking it.

2. I have a robots.txt file on what is now/will be my old website and it contains the following:

User-agent: *

Disallow: /_fpclass
Disallow: /_private
Disallow: /_themes
Disallow: /_vti_cnf
Disallow: /_vti_log
Disallow: /_vti_pvt
Disallow: /_vti_script
Disallow: /_vti_txt

Disallow: /cgi-bin
Disallow: /email
Disallow: /fpdb
Disallow: /image

#Disallow: /w3svc? #Change ? with the instance number please.

I didn't upload the file to my new host--primarily because I forgot to copy it from my old host but I've got it on my harddrive now and can easily upload it.

I don't know what "#Disallow: /w3svc? #Change ? with the instance number please." means.

Should I upload it and should I make any changes to it before doing that--like to that "/w3svc?" entry?

3. My domain is currently registered through my old hosting company--myhosting.com--and it doesn't expire until November 2009. What I'm unsure of is what happens when it expires--I'm going to cancel my account with myhosting.com but I'm assuming my registration will remain with them unless I actively move it someplace and I'm not sure how that's done or if it's necessary. Suggestions?


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