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Default Helvetica / Neue in Leopard

There have been threads before about the fact that Leopard has its own version of Helvetica and Helevetica Neue which you cannot disable in Leopard, as the System 'requires' them. Many graphic designers want to use their own T1 versions, however.

For those who want to, the following system hack may be of use. Be advised that you are meddling with forces you cannot possibly comprehend......
Navigate in the Finder (or your favorite file manager substitute) to:


Here you'll see a copy of key fonts needed by the system. Delete the font from this directory first, THEN you can delete it from the System/Library/Fonts folder.

You've essentially just broken Leopard's ability to repair itself as far as that particular font goes. But, in a pro publishing environment where your Helvetica is not the same as Apple's choice, that's something you sometimes have to do.

As far as I know, the major font managers have not yet been updated
to deal with this change.

WARNING: don't try this at home if you're not sure what you're doing. This technique should only be used by experienced design/prepress users who simply MUST control their font destiny. If you remove Helvetica (for example) in this way, IMMEDIATELY replace it with the Helvetica of your choice PostScript, OpenType, TrueType -- but don't put it in the /System/Library/Fonts folder, instead put it in a higher-level place, like /Library/Fonts.

And in NO case should you ever remove the Lucida Grande, Keyboard, LastResort fonts.
With many thanks to Chuck Weger
from Print Planet for this fix.

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