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Default Calling All Fonts

Originally Posted by ktinkel View Post
In a way, these sound like 19th century pamphlets I have seen. And the Georgia you are using for the text refers back to Scotch Roman (Matthew Carter’s model for Miller and its step-sister Georgia), an English face that really caught on in America after the Civil War and into the beginning of the 20th century.
Ok, now this got me thinking fonts. I used to use New Century Schoolbook, but that is from the operating system of another computer, and even there the font did not install into Serif PagePlus. The more I use this word processing program, the more I like it, as it is so simple for whatever I want to do. But I don’t know that I want to spend $100 for NCS. But it _could_ happen.

However, Georgia has very nice print quality on my printer, and I just like the design. But now that I’m going to 12 pt., instead of 11 pt….well, I wonder if there is enough white space around the letters. With NCS, I used to wonder if there was too much. And Georgia does look old-fashioned, especially at the larger pointing, but that can have its advantages or disadvantages. OTOH, I actually do like it.

Some fonts do not print well on my printer, like Garamond. Book Antiqua or Palentino I like, and the print quality for these fonts is good on my printer, but I think just a tinge less than Georgia: (it’s hard to say, but I think that’s what I perceive). Bookman Old Style and Century Schoolbook print nice. (I wonder if BOS actually causes the reader to focus more on individual words rather than phrases. It doesn’t look old style to me, except in bold.) So I’m considering these two fonts. Probably I should print out a booklet in each and play with them for a week. But, maybe, I should just put out the booklets in all three fonts – why not??

I had more fonts than I wanted, and I put most of them in a manager – Font Frenzy, which is a free program. Maybe, I should start looking at what’s in there.

Does anyone have any thoughts about how I mumble on fonts??

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