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OK, I'm back. Again. Been a strange autumn, and then Christmas Insanity Season. However, I am now going to set aside Monday and Tuesday for working on my cook book (I've even turned off the email!).

I made it as far as placing a text file in a PM file. Now I'm trying to format things... but the styles I set up aren't working the same way similar styles did in Word, which is to say, I'm not getting the LOOK I want.

Also have not figured out WHAT I am going to do about fractions. I simply cannot afford to shell out $100 or more for a fractions font, not with my hours having been cut at the book store. (Hence the time to work on the cook book.)

I tried to change the formatting on the recipe titles, and that is apparently linked in some way to the page headers, because when I follow the directions in my book for changing a style, the font on the header changes at the same time, yet header and title styles aren't (as far as I can tell) linked in any way.

I don't like the spacing -- I need more space at the top and bottom of the ingredients list, but that means having THREE styles for just the ingredients?!?! Or hand-changing each first line and each end line on every single recipe?!

Is there an "undo" anywhere that I'm missing so that if I make a change and don't like it, I can just tell it to undo whatever instead of having to find each item and remember what the original setting was so I can put it back?

Regrettably, I'm not finding this at all intuitive.

-- Marilyn (New Orleans, Louisiana, USA)
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