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Howard Allen
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Default Unembedding fonts in PDFs


Responding to Michael's problem with PDFs reminded me of a pain I was having about a month ago. It stumped the people on Adobe's user forums--or at least nobody ever responded to my post--so I wonder if anybody here has an idea?

It started when I was making a quick-and-dirty PDF for email distribution to a few dozen people. Since content and minimum file size were all-important, I dumbed the document down to the lowest common denominator fonts: Times and Arial, thinking that I'd send a PDF with no fonts embedded, thereby minimizing the file size while being safe with fonts that everybody's got on any system. Even if Acrobat's font substitution kicked in on some users' machines and the document got subbed with Adobe Serif and Adobe Sans, that was fine with me.

I did the document in InDesign (CS/Mac), then exported to PDF. Of course, ID embeds fonts by default and offers no alternative. Fine. I launched Acrobat, thinking I could simply unembed the fonts in the PDF using the PDF Optimizer dialog. However, when I looked at the "Fonts" tab in Optimizer, the "Embedded fonts" window was plumb empty. Huh? I clicked the "Audit space usage" button and it showed nKB occupied by embedded fonts. I checked the "Fonts" property in "Document Properties" and sure enough, Times and Arial were both embedded.

So, how come they don't show up in the Optimizer's "Embedded fonts" window? And if not, how can you unembed the fonts? Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!
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