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Wink Greetings from The Geekside

I am in the midst of re-reading Stephen Levy's "Hackers" for the third or fourth time. It's absolutely amazing what has happened in the last 30 years.

So I was trying to remember when I saw my first computer. I think it was in 1978 when I worked on my college newspaper, and we had some kind of typesetting machine. All I remember is that it displayed something like 6 lines of type at a time on a little LCD display.

The next time I saw a computer was when I was going to school at UC Berkeley and got a part-time job in the circulation department at the Oakland Tribune. In those days--1979--the Ganette-owned Tribune had just installed a state-of-the-art computer system, which broke down constantly, of course. In the circ department, we had terminals that were connected to the Hulking Giant up on the 7th floor. We had different passwords for different levels of access, and it took me a couple of days to hack into the system so that I could have whatever access I wanted. And I volunteered to work the graveyard shift on Friday nights, and...

My next computer was the Compugraphic Editwriter 7500 typesetting machine. Kathleen will know what I am talking about. Afte that, it was the first Linotronic typesetting system. A year after we spent $$$ on that system, these weird little machines called MacIntosh started showing up on our design clients' desks, and life was never the same.

My career as a typographer ended when I was diagnosed with severe tendinitis in both elbows and forced to go on temporary disability. So I rented a Mac 512 with a copy of Pagemaker 1.0, and got a job as a digital production artist at a local magazine. Around that same time, I built my first PC, a 286 with a whopping 2 MB of RAM, and produced newsletters with WordPerfect 5.1 for DOS. When I built my 286, I attached a modem and discovered CompuServe, and the DTP forum. At $12/hour!

And life went on...

From November of 1998 through April of 2007 I was very happily employed as Production Manager at IDG Entertainment, publisher of GamePro magazine. Then IDG decided that print was dead, and sent me off with a handshake and a check.

These days, I am a "Production Team Member" at the USENIX Association. At work, I have the latest, greatest dual processor Intel Mac. I do Web pages (manually coded HTML with a little CSS), I do every kind of print job you can imagine. I use UNIX. I am a geek.
I am very happy
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