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Default Mysterious behavior

I've noticed recently that increasingly I'm finding that sites are displaying strange stray characters. In the past, I could usually chalk this up to people dumping pages from desktop publishing or word processing programs that including such weird things as curly quotes, etc. Recently, however, I can't explain what I see.

Let's take this page from Scientific American. I'm reading along in Firefox under Linux and I see that for each end-quote, I see instead of the usual " mark I see a not-equals mark ≠ (not sure if that will show up but it's Unicode char 8800, I think). I think it's odd that they'd have this character for an end quote, so I look at it in Firefox and IE 6 under Windows, and guess what. There are no end quotes visible. I think, "What's going on here." So I take a peek at the source code, and there doesn't seem to be any end quotes in the source when I look at the HTML source in Windows. When I look at the source under Linux, it's as plain as day the ≠ character in the text file. Weird! The question is: am I the only one who has problems like this, and if not, why don't major web sites see their problems?

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