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Default "Printing" via photocopy

As I've mentioned before, our association bulletin is put together at a copy shop, with offset printed covers and photocopied interior.

The copy shop changed ownership last spring. The former owner was a genius on the equipment - printed our bulletin on a special machine, designed to set up the pages to print in brochure mode and then staple the folded booklet together with the cover. He worked directly from the pdf file I provided him, and the result was very nice looking.

This most recent bulletin was printed by the new owner, and it's painfully clear that he hasn't really learned yet how to use all this fancy photocopy equipment.

What he is doing is producing a photocopy enlargement (A4 size) of my A5 pages from the file I give him. He is then running the enlarged photocopy through the photocopy machine to reduce it to A5 size and set up the double page spreads so it can be printed recto-verso in brochure format.

The latest bulletin turned out with the shaded areas (supposed to be 20% gray) so dark that the text was almost unreadable - except that much of the shaded area was splotchy. There was also a roller line (actually 3 lines) running across the top of most of the pages. (I suspect he's nursing a dying toner cartridge and may have the contrast torqued up to compensate.)

I think it's clear he prefers working from hard copy, but I'm debating what would be the best way to give him the next bulletin to print:
- print A4 single sided sheets from my pdf file (so I can control the contrast and overall quality of the original paper version)
- print brochure format recto-verso pages (using OpenOffice, which does this quite handily) from the original files
- some other solution that will make it relatively easy for him to use his booklet assembly machine without going through the photocopy-of-a-photocopy routine

Anyone out there real skillful with photocopy equipment who can give me some hints I can use with this new guy? (There are political reasons I can't just go take our business to another copy shop in the area...)
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