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Default Photoshop: blend logo into gradient background?

I'll accept that I may be trying to do something that no sensible person would do. I'm okay with that.

We'll be doing real corporate identity later, but for now just accept that this is what I need to do.

For the cover of a new brochure, we have a full-page illustration with a very gradual gradient radiating from bottom center to the top corners. We want to place our logo on top of it, in a corner. (We have a reversed version of it, with white text.)

For things like PPTs we have the reversed version with our standard slide background color. I filled the background with the image's color, but then remembered "Oh crap, it's a gradient, so no single color won't work." And indeed I didn't get away with it - the logo edges are noticeable on the cover, to all but the most blind.

So now I'm thinking, I want to make the background transparent. But after more than an hour in Photoshop help, I've been unable to make anything like "map to transparent" work. What's the trick?

I'd also be happy (happier actually) if there's a way to combine the images in Photoshop, forcing the upper layer (the logo) to conform to the lower one. But that desire may be a relic of the bad things I did in my mind in the '60s. (Actually it was the early '70s, but that's a different story.)

Whatchoo think, people?

Thanks -

Dave deBronkart (deB or "Dr. Brinko" on the vintage DTPForum)
e-Patient Dave - patient engagement consulting
Bloggeur, e-Patients.net
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