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Default Glad to see this week go!

It's been quite a week. Ever one to graciously accept sympathy, I thought I'd bore you with the grim details.

On Friday the 6th my husband got attacked by a kidney stone. At 3 a.m., naturally. We debated what to do and decided to call the doctor in the morning if it was still making its way (my husband has had a couple before, so he was pretty sure what was happening). We had some Percocet left over from my dental procedures last summer, so he took one and that helped.

In the morning the doctor's office said to come in. The doctor examined and sent him to the ER for tests and rapid results. Tests confirmed a kidney stone as the likely culprit. He had IV non-narcotic pain relief that worked well. By the time we went home a few hours later, he was feeling pretty well. One incident down.

Then started a period of frequent thunderstorms and oppressive heat. The thunderstorms were wreaking havok with the DSL connections in the whole area (entirely rural) and although I unplug everything, including the line to the DSL modem, whenever I hear thunder, somehow my connection got messed up to the point where I couldn't fix it in the usual "unplug everything, wait a bit, and start up again" way. The next day I worked with my ISP's tech support to get the connection restored. As it turned out, I had to do a deep reset of both the DSL modem and the router--"deep" meaning going back to factory defaults and setting everything up again. No big deal, really, but a bother. Okay--Internet connection back. But the next morning it was out again and I had to do the same routine again. This time I reset the modem myself, without calling tech support. I remembered how we did it the previous time. Didn't need to reset the router.

But then we got into such a frequent thunderstorm period that I just left everything unplugged for a day. I cleaned out some paper piles that needed it BADLY. So it was actually useful to be computerless for a day.

At about this time I woke up with a very painful lower knuckle on my left pinky finger. My first thought was arthritis, but as it went on I've concluded that it's most likely gout. I had all the symptoms: sudden onset, inflammation and swelling of the joint, very painful, sensitive to touch. We immobilized the finger with a popsicle stick and tape, which helped a lot because slight movements caused a lot of pain. As is the case with gout, the finger is improving. I'll leave the splint on for a couple more days at least. Alas, the splint makes it difficult to type and I make lots of mistakes, which I have to laboriously fix.

Almost forgot one more "fun" happening. This is a bit gross, so if you're squeamish or fastidious, stop here. Our 14-year-old dog, like many old dogs, sometimes poops in the house. She really has no control over this and doesn't even seem to know it's happening. She has also always been deathly afraid of thunder. One benefit of her increasing deafness is that she doesn't hear any but the loudest thunder claps. Well, one of our nighttime storms was loud enough even for her poor hearing. Whether through fear or coincidence, she pooped near our bedroom door with a couple of drops in the bedroom itself. It being nighttime, I didn't notice until I had lightly stepped into a dropping--in bare feet, of course. That was easy to clean up, but I noticed that she had stepped on it, too, and managed to leave little shreds of dog duty in a path between the bedroom and living room. So my husband and I first had to clean her foot and then clean up the floor.

Thanks to a power failure during a stormy period, I discovered that the UPS connected to my main desktop computer needs a new battery. Not surprising--it's 8 years old! So I had to get a new UPS, which I haven't yet set up. The new one is a lot bigger and stronger. I have to figure out where to put it. Space is tight around this computer, even on the floor. I think it's too heavy for the shelf on the wall above the computer.

Everything is out to get us.<g> I realize all of this is pretty petty to people who are dealing with real tragedies and disasters, so I don't mean to put myself in their league.
--Judy M.

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