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Default Web Design How-to Books

Heyla, folks...

So, last time I was here, I said I knew nothing about HTML and CSS. Still don't. Starting to look for useful books.

What I actually want to do is organize all my reference files for the series of novels I'm working on. I have time lines, character lists and details, books and TV shows ostensibly written by the characters with snippets from each which I add to, and so forth and so on. It's a pain in the neck to have to keep opening and closing Word documents and finding where I stashed what file.

If I create a website which will be accessed only by me on my computer, I can put all the data currently in a gazillion Word files into it, and then just have it up in a tab in Firefox and I can easily find the detail I need.

While bookshopping last night, I snagged, and started looking through HTML for Dummies, then stopped and checked the copyright date. 1997. Oops. TAD out of date! CSS for Dummies was a trifle better, only four years out of date.

Any suggestions for where to start my research?

-- Marilyn (New Orleans, Louisiana, USA)
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