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Default SQL Help Needed

Need to get my head wrapped around some common SQL techniques. We've got data in three different linked tables.

cust_id cust_name
1 Bill
2 Mary
3 John

custact_id cust_id
11 1
12 1
13 3
14 2

warrant_id custact_id
101 12
102 13

Now, I want to insert a warrant 103 for Mary (customer 2). I can easily do this using:

INSERT INTO warrants (warrant_id, custact_id) VALUES (103, 14);
but this works because I can see that one of the custact_id that's associated with Mary is 14, so I can feed it a correct custact_id, but what if I don't know the custact_id? Since I know Mary is number 2 (from the first table) is there some way to construct the query so that it's something like this pseudo code:

INSERT INTO warrants (warrant_id, custact_id) 
VALUES (103, [SELECT custact_id from custactions WHERE cust_id = 2]);
In other words, I want the query to figure out on its own that it needs to put 14 the second value of the INSERT by looking it up in the custactions table. Does this make sense at all? I think I have the right idea, but not the right syntax. Am I looking for something like:

INSERT INTO warrants (warrant_id, custact_id)
SELECT 103, custact_id FROM custactions WHERE cust_id = 2

(Sorry, I accidentally hit "save" save earlier before I was finished.)

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