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Default XHTML and Table Menu

OK, I'm trying to re-do one of my sites. A while ago, I completely re-did the site which is 4.01 Transitional with CSS1 over to XHTML strict with some CSS2. The "client" rejected the redesign saying that he liked the way the current site looks and didn't like sites that change their look all the time.

So, now my project is to convert the current site over to XHTML, keeping as much of the original look and feel as I can. I'm still using a table to arrange a horizontal menu that consists of transparent GIFs. Eventually, that will be converted into an unordered list, but for now, I'm just trying to get this over as quickly as I can so the basic framework is there.

Problem is: under HTML, my TDs and images were snug at the top of the TABLE. However, after converting to XHTML, despite setting margins and padding to 0px on the TABLE, TBODY, TR, and TD, there's a pixel or two gap above the images, particularly problematic above the image in the right-most cell. This exists in several browsers and operating systems. How can I snug up this gap between the cells and the row or table? I thought it was a margin/padding issue, but I'm not so sure now.

I've turned on borders around the images and the table so you can see what I'm talking about.


Also, if this is really simple, I'll keep working on this, otherwise, I'll try to abandon this and keep working on a horizontal menu using CSS without a table. I'd like to get something up either way.
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