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Default Keep text from wrapping?

OK, I'm trying to help my friend Ezra Sims update some info on his website and do some recovery work on the home page, from when it was hacked. It's a very simple site, loads in an instant even with my dialup, and should be kept that way.


He gave a set of Word .doc files to a student who got it up and running, as I understand it. The student has wandered off and neither of us have any idea how to carry on. I downloaded the home page to work on, on the assumption that when I got the text into a reasonable layout in an htm file we, or someone, could figure out how to load it into the site.

I've now got an htm page that's pretty consistent, but the text wraps as the window is narrowed. Because so much of the information is lists, this messes up the whole list. How do I get the page set up so that the tables will truncate rather than wrap if the window is narrowed beyond the line length (like the box and smilie sidebar I'm writing in--)?

Can this be done and still keep the information easy to update? The composer is still composing, and there should be a recording or two sometime. What do you have to do to update a page, exactly, once it's up?

We have only Word and SeaMonkey's Composer to work with. I figure if it came out as nicely as it did with only Word in the first place, that should do for the present. The new homepage file looks the same in SeaMonkey and IE and is fine (if the links will still work) but I'd like to freeze the format.

(This is just the beginning, and I'm really embarrassed at what a beginner I am. I'm going to need everything explained in words of one syllable and sentences of three words or less, and more and more so as I go on.)

When I laid out and corrected pages for the websites of a couple of other groups, I just sent in the corrected documents. I have no idea how they were put into the whole. But for one site, we were given a special password so we could look at the corrections and make suggestions, without the site being corrected being available to the public --but if I remember the first attempt was still up. Is that standard? Does it depend on the hosting service (HostRocket in this case)?

(I have some thoughts about the layout but they'll have to wait--)

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