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Default Water closet...a new definition...

Once again, I must have offended the water devas in some way...'-}}

Tuesday evening I was walking between my bathroom and my bedroom--it's a small hallway between the rooms with a closet on either side--when I realized my foot was wet and I discovered a small (3") wet spot on the carpet.

I looked up and there was no water leaking from the ceiling and the spot was isolated in the middle of the rug with the areas on either side perfectly dry.

T'was a mystery...

I thought I must have spilled water when I went to fill the humidifier even though deep down, I knew I hadn't even carried anything with water down the hallway...

On Wednesday, the spot had not dried and I now had another spot about the same size about 12" further into the hallway--the two spots were not connected. Again, nothing leaking from the ceiling, the areas around the spot were dry and the closets seemed dry...

On Thursday afternoon (no new spots had appeared), I emailed the condo management company describing the situation and asking what I should do. By the way...the floor under the carpet is concrete and I thought perhaps a pipe under the floor was leaking somehow.

Today (Friday) they sent a plumber out and within a short period time he discovered a wet spot midway up the closet wall--that wall is the firewall between my building and the building next door.

So we got everything out of the closet--my dining room now looks like a closet exploded in it--so he could explore more...

He cut 3 more holes (for a total of 4) trying to see where the water was coming from...

My neighbor on the 3rd floor (I live on the ground floor) was home and he checked her place for leaks and didn't find any. She had the work phone number of my neighbors on the 2nd floor and we tried contacting them but got voicemail so the plumber left,

I contacted the condo management to see if they could get in touch with my neighbor and about 45 minutes after the plumber left, he came back and my neighbor showed up. Plumber checks their place and no leak. This neighbor has the key for the 4th floor neighbor and so off we went to check her place...no leak...

Soooo...we don't know where the water is coming from--it's either a pinhole leak in a pipe or perhaps a roof leak--and there is nothing the plumber can do so he leaves with the promise that he will inform the condo management what he found...

I'm waiting to hear back from the management company and as it's now 6pm, it's doubtful I'll hear anything today--water isn't gushing so while annoying, it's not that bad and hopefullyl will not get worse...

Water closet anyone??? '-}}

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