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Robin Springall
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Default Yet another InDesign question :)

I don't often get asked to actually design stuff, since I usually receive files that are pretty much ready to go. This week, though, I have a few jobs to lay out so I'm playing with InDesign CS2 rather than using Quark. So, next peculiar issue coming up...

Rather than export as PDF I prefer to print via Adobe PDF 7 to a Postscript file which I then drop onto Distiller: that means I produce both a composite PDF (for our CTP printers to use) and a separated one for when we need films made. I'm a bit fussy about trapping, and like to have all black text and line art set to overprint, just in case there's a duh-brain operating the press. In my current project, I've set the black text to overprint in ID, and a black line-art EPS logo to overprint the fill (in Illustrator, 'cos you can't set it in ID, rats).

Test 1: in the ID Print dialog box, I choose Composite, and set Output to Leave Unchanged: the Simulate Overprint box is greyed out, and that results in poor trapping: in the resultant PDF the EPS knocks out (you can turn off the black ink in Output Preview in Acrobat 7, and you see white instead). It's a proper pain. When you "print" to a separated PS file, the Simulate Overprint is still greyed out, but the black EPS does actually overprint.

Test 2: exported to PDF using the same press job options as Distiller. This only produces a composite file, but (drum roll) ze eps he overprint proper! Trouble is, the PDF now has font problems so I don't really want to use it.

Test 3: Printed to PS as in test 1, but this time set Output to Composite CMYK. Now the simulate overprint box is available, so click it on, and yep the EPS overprints in the PDF. Problem not sorted, though, coz the document has a spot colour that gets lost with test 3.

I honestly thought that InDesign would have managed to sort this out <sigh>.
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