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Dave Saunders
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Default InDesign TableTweakers

Finally thought to look up my welcome e-mail and so found my way back in here!

If anyone is involved in getting the size of InDesign CS2 tables (or columns within tables) just right, this set of scripts will help. In effect, I have packaged up some scripts that I wrote during the recent work I did on two major publications (a 800+ page Culinary Arts text book along with ancillaries and a 850+ page biochemical catalog). Both involved a lot of table work, ranging from relatively small ones like the one I used to illustrate the user guides (such as they are) to 20-page monsters.

The package can be downloaded from:



Select two or more columns in your table and these scripts will adjust the widths of the left and right columns of your selection, transferring one unit of your horizontal ruler measurement units from one side to the other. SqueezeL squeezes the left column of your selection in favor of the right column. SqueezeR does the opposite. Use Picas, Centimeters, or even Inches for large adjustments. Use millimeters or points for small ones.


Adjusts the width of your table to match the live text space of the first column of the first frame that holds the table. The space is either added to or subtracted from all the columns of the table proportionally.


Offers you a dialog box with a measurement edit field so you can set an exact width for your table. Thanks to the magic of measurement edit fields, you can use any of the measurement units that InDesign supports to express your desired width no matter which units might be in action at the time you run the script. As above, the space is either added to or subtracted from all the columns of the table proportionally.


Adds space vertically to your table so it aligns perfectly with the bottom of the text area in all the text frames it occupies. Note: only works well with single-column frames; will be defeated by having fixed height rows in your table.


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