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Default Slide scanner weirdness

I have a Polaroid SprintScan 35 Plus.

I've noticed that in the past couple of months, I'm finding a very pale, rainbow-colored stripe across some of my scans. It's definitely not on the slides. And if I scan the same slide a couple of times, sometimes I get the rainbow, sometimes not.

I bought VueScan software several months ago, after having years of continual problems with the scanner when using the Polaroid software. (Someone told me the problem -- the scanner would not initialize and would tell me there was a calibration error -- was software-related, and not in the scanner itself.) I have not had one single initialization/calibration error since I started using VueScan.

Anyway, does the rainbow stripe sound like a hardware issue? I don't remember ever seeing a rainbow stripe before I started using VueScan, but that could just be coincidence. IIRC, several years ago, I was getting thin, bright blue stripes in some of my scans, and someone in the forum (Jared?) had the answer (something to do with static?). My memory on this is very foggy, and I can't remember what the actual solution was.

I realize it would probably be a good idea to troubleshoot by scanning the same slides with VueScan and with the Polaroid software, which I'll try to do this weekend, but since the stripe is an intermittent problem, that might not pin down where the fault lies.

Any ideas? If it's hardware, I'll be looking for slide scanner recommendations (preferably in the $2,500 or less range).

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