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Robin Springall
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Default Funny Quark thingy #75

Forgive me: I'm going to do a rant...

Make a new Quark document (any version, Mac or PC) and create a page-sized box filled with, say, Pantone Red 032. Then create a picture box anywhere on the page, containing a black and white Illustrator EPS (no halftones, just solid black); set the pic box fill either to the Pantone or to none. Print to Distiller and create a press PDF, remembering to tick the Overprint EPS Black box under the Output tab in Quark's print dialog. Do it twice: once to create a composite PDF, and again to produce a separated file. View the results in Acrobat Professional 6 or 7.

The separated file has two pages: black, and a solid Pantone, showing that the black is indeed overprinting like wot you told it. However, when you inspect the composite file using Acrobat's Output Preview, and turn off the black ink, you see that the black has knocked out the underlying Pantone colour.

Does this matter? Not if you're printing from films, 'coz you can print 'em from the separated PDF. But it's a major pain up the proverbial if you're printing CTP and your printer (the lovely Hurricane Catarina) insists on printing from the composite file where the trapping is wrong. I know, she knows, and so you you, dear friends, that we're going to get little weeny white lines round the black, isn't we? Oh yes, we is. Grrrr.

I've found a way round it, though. Open the eps in Frustrator, (remember to select then delete any stray points) then select the whole damn file and, from the Attributes window, choose overprint fill and overprint stroke. Save the file and reimport it into Quark. Now, even if you forget to turn on Overprint EPS Black, it overprints in both composite and seps - yippee!

Didn't take long to work this one out - JUST ALL BLOODY AFTERNOON!!

Hope this helps,
Night night!
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