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Default Where to go from here

My wife has semi-volunteered me to work on a local charity web page.

They want a look similar to Denton County Habitat for Humanity which looks pretty easy to do in XHTML/CSS. But after discussing it with my wife, she wants to be able to add content herself, and she knows almost no HTML and has no intention of learning more. She does her web pages in FrontPage and wants me to either do it in FrontPage or make it so she can at least easily change the content. That sounds like a job for a decent CMS, which I don't have any experience with, but figure I can learn in a trial by fire if I have to. So I ask about a domain, and I find out that she's already ordered the domain from godaddy, which is fine. Then I ask about hosting, and it turns out that she's already ordered Windows server hosting from GoDaddy. Hmmm. I was thinking about WordPress because I've heard good things about it here and in the old CompuServe forum, but my current host features Mambo which I've also heard good things about. Since I know nothing about CMSes, I don't even know how to evaluate any of them. Plus, I'm wondering if many CMSes are available for Windows servers.

Help me with your advice oh great ones of DTPF. Am I better off declining? I'm concerned that if I do, there will be a bit of matrimonial discord. Is there a CMS I can use on the Windows servers at GoDaddy's hosting? And if so, will a static web guy like me be able to install it? If there's no way around it, can I develop a page using static HTML and CSS and have her edit in FrontPage without causing too much damage to it?


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