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Hugh Wyn Griffith
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Default American useage -- "plat"

The local paper, the St Pete Times, must be the US "Gruniad" for its typos; like a statistical column yesterday on the end of the Hurricane Season with several references to hurricanes making "landfill" -- which well they may have but ...

Today I thought they had done it again in an editorial about an ex-Mayor making money on a condo purchase and resale when planning permission was going through and he was voting on it without declaring an interest since in one paragraph they used the word "plat" instead obviously of the word "plan".

I mentioned this to Dottie who told me it was a quite normal term for drawings showing the arrangement of a plot of land etc.

To my surprise the NSOED does contain "plat" in this sense. It describes it as E16 - 18 but lists it as American Useage.

I. 1. A plot of ground. Now arch. & dial.

II. (Earlier than corresp. uses of PLOT noun.)

2. A plan or diagram of something; esp. a ground-plan of a building or of an area of land; a map, a chart. Now US. E16.

3. fig. A plan of the actual or proposed arrangement of something; an outline, a sketch; a plan of action or proceeding; a scheme. E16–E18.

I wonder how widely it is used in the USA?


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