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Andrew B.
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Default How to find and read new messages

I'm posting some routines I use for reading new messages. Keep in mind that I'm no expert at this. I'm just a former Tapcis user who is trying to get used to a new way of doing things. So if you have your own tips, please add them.

Back and forth method, for those who stay in threaded display mode
When I enter the forum, I go directly to the top menu and click Get Posts|New Posts. The list I get is actually thread titles that contain new posts, not the posts themselves. To the left of every thread title is a button with a downward-pointing arrow head. I click the button and I'm taken to the first new message in the thread. After I read that message, I look up in the thread tree window and to see if there are other new posts. The new ones have manilla folder icons. The old ones have blue folder icons. So it's up to me. I can read blue ones for context, just read the new ones, or both.

When I'm done, I tell my browser to go back to the "new" list. Some people might prefer the browser back button for this. But I'm hooked on mouse gestures for navigation. So I use mouse gestures for this whole thing. Once I am back, I click the icon on the next topic I want to read.

Back and forth method, for those who stay in linear display mode.
Same as above. Except after I jump to the first new message, I'm presented with a different situation. The rest of the new messages (if there are any) are below the message I just read. Old ones are above. So that is how you find the new messages. If you want to see who a particular message is to, there is a "goto parent msg." link on the color bar above the message. And when I'm done, it's back to the "new" list again. But I must say, I'm not crazy about the flat mode. And I don't stay in it for very long.

Many windows method
As with the above, I go directly to the top menu and click Get Posts|New Posts. But I don't click the first button. I right click the first one, and open it in a background window. Then go down the list and do the same for every topic I want to read, leaving me with several window tabs in my browser. Then I just move from window to window, and read using the same methods as above.

1. If the envelop icon in the leftmost column has a bent arrow on it, that means you have posted to the topic in the past.

2. If there is an icon with a check mark to the right of the thread title, that means you are subscribed to the thread. Subscribing is another feature that helps you keep track of your favorite threads. And maybe we can get into that later.

3. If there are many threads with new messages, the thread titles will be on more than one page. The bottom right of the list will tell you if there is more than one page.

That's it. If you have some good methods, please post.

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