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Default Murdered a WordPress site. Advice?

Yesterday I updated my WordPress 2.5.0 site to 2.5.1 after reading a dire warning of a security threat.

I thought I was being careful, but made (at least) two mistakes:
  • I somehow uploaded half the files to the server root, the other half to the public_html area where they belonged. Since I had not started by deleting the files, that left the update cockeyed, with roughly a third of the files from version 2.5.0, the rest in 2.5.1.
  • I did not modify and upload config.php. Should have — that’s where the security change was. I was supposed to insert a secret code and re-upload the file.
Anyway, although I could get at the admin area, my WordPress site would not work:
  • First got an error message that let me discover the mismatched version files. So I fixed that, but evidently it was too late, and I was stuck with the wrong file (even after clearing the cache in two different browsers).
  • So I Googled on the error, found links at WP forums, one of which suggested using the WordPress Automatic Upgrade plug-in to fix it. Ran it. Errors right and left. Tried to solve them, and when it still wouldn’t work, noted that the plug-in had been tested only up to 2.5.0. So I deactivated and deleted it from the server.
Feeling fairly stupid at this point. I decided to delete everything except my theme from the server, then reupload everything new. Being extra careful this time, I found the new config.php text, so even that got uploaded.

No dice. Now I get a page full of errors, all saying more or less the same thing (but referencing different line numbers):
Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /wp-config.php:44) in /wp-login.php on line 202 [214, 557, 694].
Which is where I am now. I guess that plug-in worked well enough to start something but not to finish it.

What is the easiest way to restore my poor site? I do have a backup of the MySQL file.

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