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Originally Posted by George View Post
I leave the hyphenation setting on automatic, as I really haven’t studied how to do it. I think it actually does look ok now. I tried playing with the hot zone but it only made things worse. The default is 600%.
What default is 600%? Are you talking about the hyphenation zone (sometimes called the no-hyphenation zone)? If your software works the way most does, making that smaller will increase hyphenation.

Now with 12 pt. type, do I set the page numbers in the footer at 12 pt. also? Presently I have 10 pt. there.
Classically, use 12 point, either roman or italic.

And with only a 20 page booklet, I don’t feel a need to use a header, repeating the title on each page. Or is leaving that off a mistake??
I don’t think it is a mistake. Even many serious books leave headers off these days.

From time to time in the booklets, I quote scripture as an indented block, and then I give a citation on a line below it in parenthesis. Is there any rule on how the citation should be placed (thinking primarily of left indent), or is that entirely discretionary?? I put the citation in a 10 pt. font.
I don’t think so. I would keep the indention modest (1 pica), and just set the citation in italic right below it. You might want to add 6 points of line space above the citation; and float the whole package — block quote plus citation — in a space that is an exact multiple of your text lines so you do not have misaligned text.

Kathleen, your link to the pica ruler turned out to be a design article. It looks interesting, so I guess that’s another happy link mistake in the forum. If you have the pica ruler link handy, I’d appreciate having it.
I found the ruler at that link yesterday. Oh, well. I fixed the original and here it is again: Pica Ruler (PDF), from Strategic Publications.

P.S. I found some misguided advice in those articles at the other link; take them with a grain of salt. The use of an indented first paragraph after a flush left sub-head made my teeth hurt, in particular.

A tip: Why are you spec’ing Verdana in your posts? Verdana is the default for the forum, so those who have not set something else as their browser default will see it anyway. But if you want to force the issue, just type your message, select all the text, and choose Verdana from the Fonts drop-down. Voila! No need to add all that extra code to every paragraph.

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