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Howard Allen
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ISTR seeing consistently good reviews of the OWC drives in MacWorld in the past, but I have no first-hand experience. I know nada about drive caches, so can't offer any advice--other than the old chestnut "you can never be too slim or have too much memory...". $20 doesn't sound like much, but if you get no noticeable performance boost, its value is questionable.

I would be tempted to pay the $35 for the quad interface. You could turn your question about salvaging an aging drive around: ISTM that, a few years down the road, it's more likely that the drive is going to need replacing before the box, so it would be an easy job putting a new drive in the old box. And you'd still have the "older" interface options of USB2, FW400 and FW800 for use with any older computers, in case any of these standards became obsolete (Apple seems to have been ambivalent in its support of FW400 and FW800 in some of its computer offerings in the past couple of years: on some machines it omits one or the other, causing repeated cries of "does this signal the end of FWx00?"). Maybe in 5 years you won't have a machine that uses FW400 (as an example), but it would be nice to have a drive that--in a pinch--could be connected to an old FW400-bearing machine at a friend's house to salvage some files in an emergency. More choices might be a good thing. Having said that, I have a 4-interface "G-Drive Q" (or is it a "Q-Drive G"?) and I've only ever used the FW400 port. I have no computers with eSATA or FW800 ports--but I may at some stage.

Finally, it might be a good thing that you're not seeing any discussion of the OWC drives on Macintouch--that's largely a forum for airing complaints about dodgy equipment.


OSX 10.10.5
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